Meta holds a virtual keyboard typing competition

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Meta recently held a virtual keyboard typing competition that showcased the capabilities of their Reality Labs virtual keyboard. The competition aimed to find the fastest typists who could achieve impressive typing speeds using this innovative technology. Andrew Bosworth, the technical director of Meta, shared his amazing typing speed using the virtual keyboard. In a recent online question and answer competition, his typing speed hit 119 words per minute. 

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Zuckerberg also posted a video on Instagram showing a typing competition based on computer vision and mixed reality technology. According to Meta CEO, Reality Labs’ research can turn any flat surface into a virtual keyboard. Meta Reality Labs is a division of Meta Corporation that develops advanced VR and AR technologies, and hardware prototypes. The lab also develops beta software which shows Meta’s potential and vision for the future. 

Virtual keyboard typing competition

The video shows a large QR code pasted on a table. The contestants put their hands on the table, tap the virtual buttons with their fingers, and the text appears quickly on the screen. Zuckerberg said in the post that he achieved a typing speed of 100 words per minute. However, Bosworth won the game at a speed of closer to 120 words. Bosworth later clarified in his Q&A that his rate was 119 words per minute with an accuracy rate of 98.9%. His first attempt was much slower than that, at around 70 words per minute. According to him, he had to let go of himself and overcome other issues to hit the score of 119 words. 

Meta has recently provided Quest users with a sliding keyboard. The experience is good when using the handle, but when using only hands, if you move too fast, the accuracy will be affected. The Meta research team did not say when or if this mixed reality keyboard will be available to users. It’s worth noting that Reality Labs used a Quest 2 headset, but a cable can be seen connecting to a computer. This suggests that users will need a computer to use this new technology. 

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