Make Keyboard Typing Comfortable and Pain-Free With These Tips

How to make keyboard typing comfortable

The thing with traditional keyboards is that they are not really designed with the greatest ergonomics in mind. Yes, some manufacturers did come out with designs to make keyboard typing comfortable and pain-free. Even so, they still come with staggered keys, which come from the typewriters.

This design has not changed much because we have got used to it. Nonetheless, even with some ergonomic features, your wrists need to do ulnar deviation to use the keyboards. And your hands are not really meant to be in that position for a prolonged time.

When you keep your hands in that position for a long time, your risk of nerve damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other types of strain-related injuries increases. So, if you have ever felt pain while typing, don’t ignore it. And you don’t really need to do much to make keyboard typing comfortable. Stick around to find out more.

How to Make Keyboard Typing Comfortable and Pain-Free

Adjust Your Seat Height

The first thing you need to do to make keyboard typing comfortable is adjust your seating height. It can go a long way in terms of making your wrist stay in a better position when you are typing.

However, don’t just put your seat on the highest height settings. Instead, the seat must be high enough so that your fingers can naturally rest on the keyboard. Also, the seat’s height shouldn’t make your wrist angle upward or downward when you are typing on the keyboard. A neutral position is the main goal of this adjustment.

Adjusting seat to get a comfortable keyboard typing

You should also ensure that your forearms are touching the table. But in that case, your seat should not be so low that you find yourself shrugging. Shrugging will make you end up with shoulder pain, which is something you don’t want to deal with while you try to make keyboard typing comfortable.

On that note, if you can’t make your chair get an optimal height to make keyboard typing comfortable, you should consider using a cushion or a pillow.

Try Out Different Wrist Rests to Make Keyboard Typing Comfortable

The necessity of a wrist rest depends on the user and their setup. While some users may prefer using it, others may not get a comfortable typing experience. If you asked me, I don’t need a wrist rest because my setup doesn’t demand one. So, the thought of getting a wrist rest to make keyboard typing comfortable didn’t come to my mind.

Keyboard wrist rest

However, if you struggle to make keyboard typing comfortable without a wrist rest, try one out. It could offer a resting surface for your wrist, making prolonged typing sessions pain-free for your hands. To check whether it will be worth it, you can try keeping a half-inch book. If it makes things comfortable, get a wrist rest.

Change Your Wrist Position

No matter what you say, it’s not easy to change your wrist position. In general, you stick with the same positioning of the hand as the first time you used a keyboard. It becomes a usual habit. But with some time and a bit of focus, you can change the positioning and make keyboard typing more comfortable than ever.

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Do note that you may notice a slowness in typing speed when you change your wrist position for the first time. Also, when trying to change your wrist position to make keyboard typing more comfortable, try to keep it as straight as possible.

You can use practice typing websites to get used to the new position and catch up with your previous typing speed. I like MonkeyType because it has different settings and comes with a minimalistic UI.

Try a Split Keyboard to Make Keyboard Typing Comfortable

Split keyboards are different than traditional keyboards. They are designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind, making them the best pick if you want your hands to be comfortable during a prolonged typing session. So, if you are struggling to make keyboard typing comfortable with your setup, you should try them out.

Split Keyboard
Split Keyboard with Separate Halves

That said, there are two main types of split keyboards. The first one comes as two separate keyboards. On the other hand, the second one comes as one piece, but the layout is split into two. Getting the second one would be a good idea if you find yourself traveling with your keyboard inside your backpack.

Split Keyboard With Two Layouts
Split Keyboard with Two Layouts

No matter which one you pick, split keyboards will let you position your hands however you like. Of course, you also need to ensure that the keyboard’s cable is long enough to offer you a proper keyboard typing experience.

Moreover, some options have highly ergonomic features, such as a tilted upward design. Getting a comfortable typing experience with these keyboards is even easier than with regular keyboards. However, getting used to the new design will take a while, and typing websites can help in this regard.

Learn Shortcuts and Use Macros

While many of us view macros and shortcuts as a way to save time and type quickly, it can work like a charm in making your keyboard typing more comfortable. Generally speaking, every program that you use has hotkeys, shortcuts, and macros. You can use them to avoid reaching to some certain keys and mouse while working.

If you use Microsoft Word for all your typing tasks, training your muscle memory for its shortcuts would be a good idea. They will not only make you more efficient but also save you from wrist and shoulder pain.

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