5 reasons to settle your payroll


Believe nominee

A home loan * at your disposal under preferential conditions, for an amount of up to 12 payrolls , and to return in 7 years and without opening commissions .


Insurance nominates

Lagun Aro Insurance automatically applies the advantages of a Client Plus in your Home and Auto insurance, with no added cost and whether you are already a client or you are hired now.

  • Home insurance

    Home insurance

    Aesthetic value LOSS coverage guarantees the repair of damages or damage to a property including aesthetic adequacy. The limit for loss will be double the capital contracted in the policy.

  • Car Insurance

    Car Insurance

    The All Risk Exclusive modality, in the event of a total accident caused by a traffic accident, guarantees the value of the vehicle during the first three years from its first enrollment. We guarantee the warranty by extending the value of the vehicle to four years .

Legal Notice

These advantages will be exclusive to clients of Nomamulti from Laboral Kutxa with Auto, Lagun Aro Insurance Home. The availability of each benefit will be associated with the general conditions of its corresponding policy and subject to the company’s validity and contracting rules. Caja Laboral Bancaseguros SLU, linked banking and insurance operator, registered in the Special Administrative Registry with key OV-0072. Civil Liability and Financial Capacity covered according to current legislation. Risk insurers: Seguros Lagun Aro, SA and Seguros Lagun Aro Vida, SA

Advance nomination

Advances of a payroll * to deal with any unforeseen expenses with all comfort. You can return it for up to 3 months without interests or opening fees.


Savings payroll

Purchase your small monthly savings with the same interest in a high investment, with availability and without commissions .
Minimum monthly income € 30, maximum € 300.


Extra nominates

The Multiventaja that groups raffles, gifts and financial offers with other fixed advantages such as:

  • Attention of receipts * domiciled of home (light, gas, telephone, etc.). For your peace of mind, they will be taken care of in case of discovery.
  • Classic Visa * for the 1st year. By paying your purchases with this card, you get Travel Club points / gifts.
  • Club Cliente.Un exclusive club that offers discounts on products and services of leading brands
  • * The validity of the offer is subject to the approval of the operation according to the usual criteria of risk of Laboral Kutxa and for payroll domiciled with more than 6 months of seniority.