Where can I apply for a loan online?
Na czym polegają kredyty konsolidacyjne?

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The consolidation of payday loans is advertised as a convenient form of payment of all financial liabilities held when they are combined into one. Then, instead of a few, we can pay only one loan. In many cases, such a solution pays off, but we must remember to recalculate everything before signing the contract.

The combination of financial liabilities into one, often with a lower installment, is referred to as consolidation. Banks in their advertisements convince us that this is the best offer, but we must remember that the consolidation loan that is offered by them is another loan with fees.

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Who can take advantage of consolidation loans?

Consolidation loans allow us to combine into one different liabilities, including cash loans, mortgage loans, car loans, credit card or current account debt, also from installment loans taken in stores.

However, the bank is not always ready for consolidation. This applies above all to the situation when we had or have problems with repayment of our installments. This is a signal for the bank that we are not a completely trustworthy customer. However, if our creditworthiness is not very low, in most cases the bank will help us and provide a consolidation loan.

What exactly is a consolidation loan?

What exactly is a consolidation loan?

In principle, this kind of loan is granted to pay off other of our obligations. However, we do not get money in hand, but the bank regulates these liabilities for us. Then we pay only one installment instead of many.

Consolidation loans actually allow us to obtain smaller, common interest rates, but most often they are an average interest rate on current liabilities. The interest rate also depends on the repayment period chosen by us. For consolidation to make sense and give the customer smaller installments that are easier to pay, the loan period must be extended. Therefore, several loans for 2 years can be converted into one loan for 6 years.

Do not forget to check the cost of consolidation

Do not forget to check the cost of consolidation

Many of us think that a consolidation loan is a loan less expensive than those we have. However, we must remember that we actually give the bank offering the consolidation loan more than when paying all debts separately. Although the amount of the lower installment is lower, we give the bank more money in total.

Of course, we will also have to pay a commission on such a loan, and often other charges, for example, the bank will make the loan conditional upon the purchase of an insurance policy.

Who pays for a consolidation loan?

A consolidation loan is the best choice for those who want to save themselves from falling into a debt spiral and who want to lower the monthly installment for repayment, which will make it easier to control the home budget.

We can also take a consolidation loan when we just want to conveniently pay one installment instead of many, but remember that such a solution will be less profitable, because then we will pay more. A lower installment does not mean a smaller amount to be paid!