3 Ways Senior Citizens Can Use iPads

If you’ve ever tried to teach elderly loved ones how to send an e-mail or navigate the Internet, you might not feel motivated to put more technology in their hands. However, an iPad might turn out to be a really thoughtful gift for a loved one living alone or in a nursing home. It might take a little time to teach him or her how to power it on and navigate the applications, but the enjoyment they can receive is worth the investment. Here are 3 ways that senior citizens can use iPads:1. Read and watch.There’s no better way to pass long, lonely hours than with a good book or fascinating movie. You can download books and movies that you think your loved one will enjoy before you give them the iPad, and then add more items as needed when you go back to visit.

Reading on an iPad is a great activity for seniors with vision impairment because they can zoom in and make the text an optimally comfortable size.2. Games.The type of games that your loved one will enjoy is going to be a completely individualized situation. For some seniors with limited abilities, games with large visuals and easy instructions are ideal. Avoid fast-paced games or any that require intensive fine-motor skills. If your loved one’s cognitive skills are still sharp, download games such as Sudoku, Chess or Scrabble to keep them interested.3. FaceTime.This is perhaps the biggest reason why an iPad is a good gift to give someone who lives alone or in a nursing home.

Having access to FaceTime allows them to video chat with their children and grandchildren who might live far away or are unable to visit very often. A video chat is better than a phone call because grandchildren can interact with their grandparents in a more personal way.More than any physical gift, the best thing you can give a loved one in a nursing home is the gift of your time. Visiting them regularly is the surest way to brighten their day, plus your consistent presence allows you to spot any problems early on and prevent nursing home abuse or injury.