Oscal’s All-New Upgraded Tablet Pad 15 Tipped to Launch with solid specs

Oscal is a technology brand striving for a culture of innovation. They are gaining recognition for their stylish, cost-effective and high-performance smart devices. Following the positive reception of Oscal Pad 13, the company has unveiled its next game-changer, Oscal Pad 15. Reliable sources reveal, that while retaining the strong performance of its predecessor, Oscal Pad 15 further ups the ante with a bigger 10.36-inch 2K display, larger 8,280mAh battery, ultra-sharp 16MP & 13MP cameras and the latest DokeOS_P 3.0 based on Android 13 with PC mode. From multitasking at work to attending online courses or consuming video content, Oscal Pad 15 aims to offer users a better experience across the board.

Oscal Pad 15

No.1 Entertainment Upgrades: Immerse Yourself in a Multimedia Pleasure

To provide an immersive multimedia pleasure, Oscal Pad 15 features a larger 10.36-inch 2K full-view display. Offering more lifelike detail for a visually pleasing experience. With support for Widevine L1, Oscal Pad 15 users can revel in their favorite 1080P high-definition videos on platforms like Disney+, Prime Video, and Hulu. To provide a delightful sound experience, Pad 15 has been also equipped with dual powerful built-in Smart-K Box Speakers. Allowing users to immerse themselves in a home-theater-like audio and video experience.

Oscal Pad 15


To help users completely eliminate battery-life worries, rumor has it, that Oscal Pad 15 will feature a larger 8,280mAh battery. A single charge can reportedly support up to 20 hours of daily use, ensuring an uninterrupted entertainment marathon. Plus, Pad 15 supports 33W fast charging. Meaning it can be fully charged in just one hour. Allowing users to enjoy a full day of entertainment without concern.

No.2 Efficiency Upgrades: Astounding Performance for Work, Learning, and Entertainment Anytime, Anywhere

Engineered to deliver peerless efficiency for on-the-go work, study and entertainment, Oscal Pad 15 will feature an octa-core UNISOC T606 processor. With a solid Antutu benchmark score of 276,644. What’s more, Oscal Pad 15 supports up to 16GB RAM, 256GB ROM and up to 512GB TF card expansion.

For a truly PC-like experience across work, study, and leisure, you can transform Pad 15 into a laptop with connecting a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse in PC mode. Streamlining rapid document editing and turbocharging both your work and study productivity. Paired with a free stylus pen, users can enjoy realistic note-taking, doodling and drawing among various other features.

No.3 Camera Upgrades: Enhanced Photographic Clarity Like Never Before

To meet the everyday needs of students and working newbies for capturing lectures and meetings, Oscal Pad 15 is rumored to come equipped with a ultra-sharp 16 MP front-facing camera. Making it great for unlocking the device with facial recognition, snapping crisp selfies and engaging in clear video chats. To top it off, its 13 MP rear camera will make virtual meetings, online courses and video calls with loved ones a breeze.

No.4 Convenience Upgrades: More Seamless User Experience

For users seeking a smooth and secure tablet experience, Oscal Pad 15 will come pre-loaded with DokeOS_P 3.0 based on the latest Android 13. The System Manager offers performance-boosting features such as Free up More Space, Game Speedup, Smart Power Saving and APP Management. All designed to enhance the Pad 15’s convenience, efficiency and longevity. On the security side, DAC and MAC Protection ensures robust encryption of both professional and personal data.

Based on available information, Oscal Pad 15 will be on sale at a steep discount on AliExpress from Sept. 18th to Sept. 26th. Early bird pricing could be as low as $149.99. For more details you can check it out right here.

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